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Why Yappie Cuttery? At Yappie Cuttery, we’ve built a reputation for outstanding service, workmanship and satisfaction. It’s our pleasure to groom and care for your pets by our trained and certified staff.

Certified Groomers
Our salaried groomers are not driven to rush the grooming process. This has made us popular with geriatric or “hard to handle” pets. At Yappie Cuttery, all pets receive the care and attention they deserve, no matter how long it takes. In the event that your pet can not be groomed we do offer sedation grooming.

Yappie Cuttery has the largest grooming area in the industry, which creates calm, relaxing environment for your pet. State of the art temperature controls regulate bathing water and warm air dryers that are timed for comfort and safety. Your pet experiences soothing music, a secured walking area and stainless steel kennels in a facility that is disinfected nightly. Outdoor areas are surrounded by above and below ground fencing to assure the safety of your pet.

Very Important Pets
This cost saving program is offered to our clients who have their pet's grooming done by a student of The Virginia School of Pet Grooming. Students are closely supervised by a certified instructor as they learn the art of grooming. And while the owner receives an additional discount, the student gets the opportunity to groom a wider variety of pets on a frequent basis.

How Does It Work?
For our 5 or 6 week V.I.P. program, you don’t have to schedule an appointment–we make one for you based on the grooming schedule you choose. We also give you a reminder call the day before to confirm your pet’s grooming appointment. If you can not keep the appointment, we will be happy to reschedule it within a week of the original date to keep your V.I.P. discount.
Every 5 weeks receive 25% off our regular priced grooming.
Every 6 weeks receive 15% off our regular priced grooming.

Interested in becoming a professional groomer?
Click here to visit the Virginia School of Pet Grooming website.

What’s Included...
V.I.P.’s receive grooming to your specifications.

Full service grooming includes your pet being brushed before and after bathing; ears plucked of hair (if needed) and cleaned; nails trimmed; bathing with a skin and coat shampoo conditioner; teeth cleaning; anal glands expressed; trimming the backside of the feet and feathers; brush out and complete styling with a scissor finish for those that need a full grooming. We will also include cologne upon request. If your pet requires medicated/special shampoo, owner must provide or can purchase from our clinic if available.

Your pet’s comfort is priority, and in most cases, grooming can be completed in a half day, which means more quality time with you!

If grooming is an all day event for your pet, we recommend a spa package. With a spa package, we will walk, treat and pamper your dog until you arrive.

Can you believe all this is included?
V.I.P.’s receive the expert handling and care that only the Virginia School of Pet Grooming can provide. Plus, the V.I.P. discount adds up to 2 free full service groomings a year!

How to be a V.I.P.
Simply sign up when you come in for grooming at The Virginia School of Pet Grooming or call us at 703-361-3868. Talk to a specialist and we will help you choose the program that is right for you and your pet.

Flea Control
In most areas of the United States, the battle with fleas is year round, and is especially bothersome in the late summer and early fall. As the temperatures drop, fleas seek a warm body on which to feed. That warm body is likely your pet!
Once on your pet, fleas breed quickly in the warmth of your home. The life cycle of a flea, may take as little as 2-3 weeks to complete, which can quickly result in a flea population explosion if you don't take preventative measures and quickly treat your pet at the first sign of fleas.

What to Look for...
If your dog is constantly scratching, odds are good that they may have fleas. The common flea is a tiny, dark, quick moving insect with a shiny hard body. Even easier to spot is “flea dirt” or feces. It looks like specks of pepper and an indicator that your pet has fleas. Check your pet regularly by rolling them over and thoroughly searching through the hair on their belly, inner thighs and near the base of the tail.

What’s the Big Deal?
Any pet with fleas needs immediate treatment. Not only are fleas a nuisance, but a flea infestation can also pose serious health risks. Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae from one infected animal to another. Pets can also be allergic to flea bites. The saliva that is left of a pet after the flea feeds, contains enzymes that causes a reaction in some pets. The reaction looks like red, sore, itchy skin and can cause hair loss.

Treatment of Fleas
Treatment for a pet infested with fleas is a three part process. To be successful, you must treat the pet, your home and yard. It is also important to treat all pets in the household, not just the pet with fleas.

• Pet: Yappie Cuttery recommends starting flea treatment with a professional grooming, including a Capstar pill. After treatment, you may also want to put a flea collar on your pet. Please notify your groomer if your pet is on oral flea protection. We also recommend applying a monthly flea preventative to manage and prevent further flea infestations.

• Car: While your pet is being groomed, it’s recommended that you spray the car interior with a flea killing insecticide.

• Home: Wash all pet bedding and sprinkle flea powder on clean bedding. Thoroughly vacuum the house and put a teaspoon of flea powder in new vacuum bags to kill eggs. “Bomb” your house with a fogger or use a spray insecticide and reapply within 2 weeks of initial treatment.

• Yard: You can also treat your yard with a flea control product as found in many garden centers.

Yappie Cuttery offers a variety of grooming services to address and prevent flea infestation.
We perform dips and carry an assortment of pet flea and tick control products, flea collars, ex-o-spot treatments, flea and tick sprays, yard sprays, home sprays and flea bombs.

If you suspect that your pet may have fleas, but your not sure, give us a call or stop by and we’ll have a certified groomer check your pet for fleas. We’ll even show you how to regularly check your pet to prevent future infestations.

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